Pest:Green Jassids

Adults are greenish leaf hoppers. They lay eggs with in leaf veins. Eggs hatch in 4-6 days. Nymphs are yellowish. They feed from lower leaf surface. Nymphal period lasts for one week.

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  • Due to feeding by the jassids yellowing of leaves start from margin inwards.
  • The yellowish discoloured leaves finally become brick red and brown in colour showing hopper burn symptoms.
  • The injury is caused due to the toxemia of the insect saliva which is injected in to the leaves during feeding.
  • The yield is considerably reduced .
  • Due to the weakening of the infested plants the fruits also become small in size and crinkle.

Procedure for Observation

Select 5 pits at random from the plot. Assess the total number of jassids from 6 leaves from each pit( For this select 3rd to 8th leaves from the tip of a vine trailing on the pandal) and work out average per leaf. Less than 5 -Mild,5-10 Moderate >10 severe.


  • 2 adults or nymphs per leaf.
  • Control Measures

  • Spray 2 % neem + garlic emulsion
  • Spray caster oil plus neem oil plus garlic extract ( To prepare this spray solution, take 20 ml of caster oil and 80 ml of neem oil. Mix this and add 50 ml of soap solution prepared by mixing 6 g of ordinary soap in 50 ml of water. Dilute this 150 ml of emulsion in 6 lit of water. Add extract prepared from 120 g of garlic to this.) This spray solution is filtered and applied at the lower surface of leaves. This is highly effective to manage this pest.
  • Spray nimbicidin/econeem/uneem at 4 ml/liter.
  • Spray 10 % lemon grass /ginger extract.
  • For the control of residual population spray Verticillium lecanii at 20 g per lit or 5 ml/lit.