Pest:Aphid (Plant Lice)

Aphids are greenish brown in colour. They infest all stages of crops. Aphids reproduce parthenogenitically. They bring forth several nymphs per day. Nymphs become adults in a week.

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  • Aphids are seen in colonies on the lower surface of leaves.
  • Due to their feeding the leaves become highly crinkled and the plants become weak.
  • They transmit mosaic virus.

Procedure for Observation

Select 5 pits at random from the plot. Assess the total number of adults and nymphs from 6 leaves from each pit ( For this select 3rd to 8th leaves from the tip of a vine trailing on the pandal) and work out the average per leaf. Less than 5 -Mild,5-10 Moderate >10 severe.


  • 5 adults or nymphs per leaf.
  • Control Measures

  • Remove the leaves harbouring aphid colonies as far as possible.
  • Apply 1.5 % fish oil soap-( First dissolve soap in hot water and then make up the volume).
  • Spray tobacco decoction (one liter of prepared decoction diluted with 6 lit of water.)
  • Spray 2 % neem + garlic emulsion
  • Spray Nattapoochedi (Hyptis suaveolens) extract. Prepare one liter of leaf and stem extract of Nattapoochedi. To this add half liter of soap solution (60 g of ordinary soap mixed with half liter of water). This mixture is diluted in 15 liters of water ,filtered and sprayed.