Pest:Yellow Mite

These mites are yellow creamy coloured. These are present on the under surface of leaves.

  • pest 04
  • pest 04


  • Due to feeding leaves become small and brittle.
  • Population is high during summer and the pest is very much associated with the plant.

Procedure for Observation

Select 5 pits at random from the plot. Assess the total population from 6 leaves from each pit( For this select 3rd to 8th leaves from the tip of a vine trailing on the pandal) and work out average per leaf. Less than 5 -Mild, 5-10 Moderate, >10 severe.

Control Measures

  • Spray kanji water (rice gruel water) every 10 days starting from the twining stage.
  • Spray caster oil plus neem oil plus garlic extract.
  • Spray water to wash out population of mites.
  • For the control of residual population spray Verticillium lecanii at 20 g per liter or 5 ml/lit.