Disease : Leaf Spots on Seedlings

Curvularia Leaf Spot/Alternaria Leaf Spot/Drechslera Leaf Spot/Colletotrichum Leaf Spot/

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  • Small circular yellow spots appear, expands rapidly and gradually becomes light brown on leaves-Curvularia Leaf Spot
  • Centre of the spots dries up leaving a sunken impression-Curvularia Leaf Spot
  • Black round or oval spots develop on leaves especially during summer-Alternaria Leaf Spot
  • Adjacent spots coalesce to become larger patches-Alternaria Leaf Spot
  • Oval and brown small spots enlarge to become pale buff in the centre with broad and dark brown margins-Drechslera Leaf Spot
  • Extensive necrosis of the edges of leaves-Drechslera Leaf Spot
  • Reddish brown oval to irregular sunken spots with dark brown margin on leaves- Colletotrichum Leaf Spot
  • Lesions enlarge and coalesce resulting in leaf blighting-Colletotrichum Leaf Spot
  • Reddish brown fruiting bodies of the fungus appear as small dots on the affected parts

Control Measures

  • Remove and destroy severely affected leaves.
  • Provide shade and irrigation to seedlings.
  • Spray 1% Bordeaux mixture or 0.4% Mancozeb at 45 days interval.
  • If the disease is severe, spray 0.1% Contaf or Tilt at monthly interval.