Disease : Botryodiplodia Nut Fall

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  • Occurs during summer months and affects nuts of all stages
  • Disease appears as black extensive patches at the stalk end of the fruit
  • Later these black patches progresses to cover the major portion or entire nuts without definite margins.
  • Black fruiting bodies of the fungus seen as dots on affected nuts and rotting of nuts .
  • Nuts rot and shed prematurely

Control Measures

  • Remove and destroy dried inflorescence, fallen button and nuts.
  • Spray 1% Bordeaux mixture or Mancozeb 0.4% (4g/L) on inflorescence and also on developing buttons and nuts as prophylactic measure at 45 days interval.
  • In diseased gardens, spray the inflorescence and nuts with 0.1% (1ml/L) Calixin / Contaf / Tilt after harvesting the mature nuts .