Disease : Inflorescence Blight and Nut Fall

Serious disease after monsoon and during summer

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  • Serious disease after monsoon and during summer
  • Sunken black or dark brown lesions on rachis
  • Lesions coalesce resulting in drying of rachis from tip downward
  • Inflorescence drys extensively resulting in severe button shedding and immature nut fall .
  • Sunken dark grey, brown or black lesions with black to dark brown margins develop anywhere on the soft portion of immature nuts.
  • Lesions enlarge to irregular form and coalesce to cover larger parts of the nuts
  • Dark brown or salmon coloured fruiting bodies of the fungus appear on affected parts
  • Longitudinal ruptures develop on the affected fruits, allowing the fungus and other organisms to enter and causing rotting of mesocarp, shell and endosperm

Control Measures

  • Remove and destroy dried inflorescence and fallen buttons and nuts.
  • Spray 1% Bordeaux mixture or Mancozeb 0.4% (4g/L) on inflorescence and also on developing buttons and nuts as prophylactic measure at 45 days interval.