Disease : Mid Whorl Yellowing/Quick Yellow Declining

A fatal disease caused by Phytoplasma.

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  • A fatal disease caused by Phytoplasma.
  • Affects palms of all ages and spread rapidly
  • Affected palms die within months (4-10 months)
  • Lower and mid whorl leaves exhibit yellowing which subsequently spreads to inner whorls leaving the spindle leaf .
  • The whole foliage become yellow and necrotic within months .
  • Developing and opened inflorescence, rachis and flowers become black
  • Female flowers are severely reduced
  • All nuts fall prematurely.
  • Basal regions of leaves rot resulting in drooping and falling of leaves in quick succession .
  • Sometimes leaves show bronzing and fall off in quick succession without hanging around .
  • Spear leaves and growing point rots resulting in the death of the palms .

Control Measures

  • Remove and destroy diseased palms.
  • Grow resistant variety - Malayan Yellow Dwarf.
  • Adopt management followed for Root (wilt) disease