Disease:Yellow vein mosaic

This is highly prevalent on pumpkin and other cucurbits.

  • Disease 14


  • Vein clearing and inter veinal chlorosis are the typical symptoms of the disease.
  • The yellow network of veins becomes very conspicuous and the veins and veinlets are thickened.
  • The fruits are reduced in size, malformed and stunted.


The virus is transmitted by the white fly, Bemisia tabaci.

Procedure for Observation

Observe plants from 10 pits from the plot. Look for mosaic symptoms.


  • Mere presence
  • Control Measures

  • The virus infected plants should be rogued and destroyed. Use seeds from virus free crops.
  • Periodical application of neem seed emulsion 2% can keep the insect vectors from causing the rampant spread of the disease.