Mosaic diseases affecting cucurbits are very much prevalent in Kerala.

  • Disease 11
  • Disease 12
  • Disease 13


  • If early infection is present, the symptoms are very severe with total yield loss.
  • The typical mosaic mottling appears on the young upper leaves which gradually cover the entire foliage.
  • The internodes are shortened leading to a bushy nature of the infected plants.
  • Young fruits are rough, mottled and deformed. Systemically infected vines do not normally give any significant yields.
  • These cause a multitude of symptoms on cucurbitaceous vegetables as well as on cowpea, tomato, chilli, and a large number of ornamental plants.


Most of the common aphids transmit the virus including Aphis gossypii, A. craccivora, Myzus persicae etc. This virus is also sap transmissible.

Procedure for Observation

Observe plants from 10 pits from the plot. Look for mosaic symptoms.


  • Mere presence.