Pest:Rice hispa

The adult is a small bluish-black spiny beetle.Eggs are inserted within the leaf tissues singly towards the leaf tips. Egg period lasts for 2-4 days.The emerging grub mines the leaves feeding internally and become full grown in a week.Pupation takes place inside the larval mines for 3-4 days.

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  • The adult feeds on the green tissues of the leaves and feeding scars appears as short white lines on the leaf surface.
  • The grubs mine the leaves causing white blotches on them. Such leaves finally dry up.
  • Early stage of the crop is usually attacked. Infested areas are seen in patches and appear white in colour due to loss of chlorophyll.

Procedure for Observation

Randomly mark 4 one meter sq. per 0.4 Ha. Observe five hills at random in a sq.m and count the total number of adults or damaged leaves and work out the average per hill.


  • Planting to pre tillering : Two adults or damaged leaves per hill.
  • Mid tillering: Two adults or damaged leaves per hill.
  • Control Measures

  • Make several sweeps with hand net and collect the insect and destroy.
  • Spray quinqlphos 25 EC @1000ml/Ha or carbaryl 50 WP @ 2 kg/Ha.