• Disease 1


  • This is a minor disease of rice seen only in certain tracts,especially in higher elevations.
  • The growth and general appearance of the infected plants is not affected in any way by the disease.
  • Infected plants can not be recognized until panicle emergence.
  • Heading in the diseased plants is reached at almost the same time or slightly earlier than the normal plants.
  • In the infected plants an erect,cylindrical rod shaped structure like "agarbathi" emerge out from the boot leaf instead of the normal ear head.
  • In the infected panicle,the florets get glued together to the main rachis by the mycelium and spore mass of the fungus which hardens into a crust.
  • Usually all the tillers in a plant are infected,indicating a systematic infection.

Procedure for Observation

Mark 4 one square meter plots in the field at random.Observe for the presence of infected tillers.


  • Mere presence of the disease.Never use the seeds from infected field.
  • Control Measures

  • Use resistant varieties such as Deepthi.
  • Collect seeds from disease free locality.
  • Being internally seed borne,the seeds are to be treated before sowing.
  • Hot water treatment at 54 degree celcius followed by treatment with systemic fungicide such as carbendazim (@2g/kg seed as dry seed treatment or as slurry).