Pest:Berry gall midge

The midge lays its eggs where the berry attaches to the spike. Eggs are also laid on the tender stalks and shoots. The full grown maggots fall to the ground and pupate in soil .

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  • Due to the presence of the larvae inside the berries, they appear larger in size.
  • Such galled berries do not develop.
  • Shoot galls are formed as a result of midge infestation on tender stalks.

Procedure for Observation

Select 20 standards from the plot. Observe 10 spikes at random from each standard. Count the number of spikes showing the damage and work out the average.Less than 20- mild; 20-50 moderate;> 50 severe


  • 20 spikes per standard.
  • Control Measures

  • Application of neem cake to the base of the plant and incorporation will help to kill the pupae.
  • Spary 2% neem oil garlic emulsion.