Disease:Bacterial Leaf Spot

  • disease 36
  • disease 37


  • Sporadic incidences in some pepper tracts of the State.
  • Manifests as water soaked lesions on the leaves and leaf margins (Image1).
  • Lesions enlarge, turn dark brown and appear angular to irregular with a chlorotic halo (Image2).
  • Infection spreads rapidly resulting in defoliation in moderate to severe form.

Spread of Disease

  • Wet humid condition especially during rainy season favours the spread of the disease.

Control Measures

  • Use disease free planting materials for raising nursery.
  • Collect and destroy all severely affected and defoliated leaves.
  • As prophylactic measure, spray 1% Bordeaux mixture, twice at 3-4 weeks interval.
  • If severe, spray 500 ppm streptomycin sulphate or chloramphenicol (500mg/L) at 2-3 weeks interval.