Pest:Pumpkin Caterpillar

Adult moth has transparent whitish wings with dark broad marginal patches. The gravid female moth has a tuft of orange coloured hairs at the anal end. The eggs are laid singly or in groups on the underside of the leaves. Egg period 3-4 days . Caterpillar is elongated, bright green with a pair of longitudinal streak along the mid dorsal line. Insect is found attacking all cucurbitaceous plants and can be easily located. The caterpillar becomes full grown in about 10 days. Pupation takes place in a cocoon among the leaves in about a week.

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  • Damage is caused by the caterpillars feeding on leaves ,flowers and young developing fruits.

Procedure for Observation

Count the total number of caterpillars from five one square meter area. Mild <5 caterpillars per sq meter. Moderate 5-10, Severe > 10.


  • 5 per sq.meter.
  • Control Measures

  • Collect and destroy the caterpillars.
  • Spray cow's urine hot chilly mixture diluted in water.
  • Spray BT formulation ( Biolep/Biobit/Delphin/Halt/Dipel) @ 0.7 ml per lit.
  • Spray Beauveria bassiana @ 20 g/lit or 5 ml/lit.