Pest:Hairy caterpillars

The adults are yellowish moths. Eggs are laid in groups on the lower side of leaves. The full grown larvae are hairy and reddish brown in colour. They pupate in silken cocoon for about two weeks.

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  • The hairy larvae are gregarious in the beginning.
  • Then they disburse, enter the buds and flowers ,feed on sepals and stamens.
  • They also feed on leaves of pulses.

Procedure for Observation

Select ten plants at random. Look for the damaging symptoms. Rate the damage as mild-one plant damaged; moderate -two plants damaged and severe -more than two plants damaged.


  • One plant damaged
  • Control Measures

  • Mechanical removal of caterpillars along with damaged pods. Spray caster oil-neem oil emulsion with garlic extract diluted in water.
  • This should be followed by spraying of Beauveria bassiana (20 g or 5 ml/l of water).
  • Spray acephate (Asataf/Starthene 75 SP) 0.1 to 0.15% based on need.