Disease:Cowpea Bud Necrosis

  • Budnecrosis image1
  • Budnecrosis image1


  • Characteristic symptoms are development of typical chlorotic spots on the leaves, as the disease advances, severe necrosis of the leaves is noticed.
  • Gradually, the extent of chlorotic areas increases.
  • Veins and vein lets also show necrotic symptoms. Necrotic symptoms are also noticed in stem, growing point, buds, pods etc.
  • Finally the entire plant dries up.


The virus belongs to the genus Tospovirus of the family Bunyaviridae which includes several viruses that are a serious threat to peanut, tobacco, vegetables, ornamentals and other commercially important crops. They are exclusively vectored by several species of thrips in a circulative and propagative manner. This virus is also transmitted by mechanical means.

Procedure for Observation

Select 25 plants at random and observe for mosaic symptoms


  • Mere presence
  • Control Measures

  • Remove and destroy the affected plants.
  • Application of any one of the following insecticides at periodic intervals :Quinalphos 0.05% or Dimethoate 0.05%.Before applying insecticides harvest mature pods and those about to mature. Keep a waiting period of 7 days before the next harvest.