Disease : Anthracnose and Leaf Blight

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  • Affect palms of all ages especially on outer whorls of mature leaves
  • Burnt or dried appearance of outer whorls of leaves
  • Reddish brown oval to irregular sunken lesions with dark brown margin on leaves
  • Salmon or reddish brown fruitification of the fungus as dots on the affected leaves.
  • Lesions coalesce resulting in leaf blight
  • Disease progress to mid whorl of leaves causing premature drying and falling of leaves

Control Measures

  • Remove and destroy severely affected leaves.
  • Spray 1% Bordeaux mixture or Mancozeb 0.4% (4g/L) on outer and mid whorls of leaves at 45 days intervals.
  • In severe case, spray 0.3% (3ml/L) tilt / contaf at monthly interval