Pest:Burrowing Nematode

Nematodes attack roots by piercing the tissues with their spear like stylet, feeding on cell contents. More damage occurs after secondary infection by other organisms present in the soil. Nematodes cause crop losses up to 20%.

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  • The first symptom of the attack is a small dark spot on the root. The nematode feeds on the root tissue by piercing inside. Fungi rapidly invade such damaged root tissue. The number of fruits in the bunch is reduced and individual fruits are small.
  • Affected plants do not respond to fertilizers, irrigation or cultural practices. Nematode population builds up rapidly in ratoon crops.

Procedure for Observation

Collect and send soil and root samples to laboratory for analysis.


Based on laboratory report.

Control Measures

  • Marigold (Tagetes spp)grown as inter crop reduce the nematode population.
  • Crop rotation with paddy/sugarcane/sun hemp/tapioca/banana is recommended in endemic areas.
  • Par rhizome and apply neem cake @ 1 kg/plant at the time of planting.
  • Bioagents such as Paecelomyces lilacinus (NRCB nemacinus) Pseudomonas fluorescens (NRCB Nemacens) , Vericillium lecanii ,Bacillus subtillus and AMF are found effective in reducing nematode population.. Apply the bioagents @ 25 g /pit at the time of planting, three and six month after planting.