Pest:Burrowing Nematode

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  • This is an endoparasitic nematode that penetrates into the root tissues and sucks plant sap.
  • The nematode infested palms exhibit general decline, yellowing, button shedding and reduction in leaf size.
  • The symptoms on roots are more specific. Elongated orange coloured lesions are seen on tender and semi hard roots, which later turn dark brown(Plate91). Tender roots on heavy infestation become spongy in texture. This is a pest of black pepper and banana also.

Control Measures

  • Use nematode free coconut seedlings and planting materials of other intercrops.
  • Apply Phorate 10G @100g per palm twice a year, during May-June and September-October.
  • Avoid use of banana as a shade crop in coconut nurseries.
  • Incorporate leaves and tender stem of Crotalaria juncea, Pueraria javanica or Glyricidia maculata into the soil during September-October.