Pest:Flower and pod borer

The adult is a small beautiful golden moth with two crimson bands distally on the fore wings.The egg, larval and pupal period last for 2-3,15-17 and 10-12 days respectively.


  • The caterpillar bores in to the flower buds, flowers and seed feeding on the contents.
  • Caterpillar webs together and remains inside.

Procedure for Observation

Select 5 plants at random. From each plant subject 10 pods to observation and workout the percentage of damage. Less than 5% mild 5-10% moderate ,more than 10% severe.


  • 5%
  • Control Measures

  • Remove affected parts along with stage/stages of insects. Remove and destroy crop residues by burning.
  • Spray 5% neem seed kernel extract. Spray BT formulations (Biolep/Biobit/Delphint /Halt/Dipel,etc) @ 0.7 to 1 ml/l.
  • When insecticidal application is warranted spray dichlorovoas (DDVP-Nuvan 76 EC @1ml/l) after removing the mature pods.